The Best Air Freshener For Car That You Need To Get This Year

When you buy a new vehicle, there is a certain smell left hanging in the air. If you want to keep and maintain the smell of a new car, there are certain steps you need to follow which we will discuss more in this article. A car air freshener has become a necessity for car owners.

​There are many benefits in using a car air freshener. Aside from providing a pleasant aroma, a car air freshener effectively eliminates bad odors inside your vehicle. This is why it is important to keep your car clean at all times.

​We’ve gathered the best air freshener for car to give you an idea on what product may fit your preference.


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Benefits Of Car Air Freshener

​There are many ways on how to you can improve the smell of your car. The easiest and quickest approach is to use a car air freshener. There are different scents, styles, and sizes available to suit your preference.

Here are some of the advantages of using an air freshener in your vehicle:

It Eliminates Bad Odor​

car air freshener eliminate bad odor​


​Your car’s air freshener plays a significant role in eliminating any odor in your vehicle. It removes the smell of food, smoke, mildew, and other elements.

It Keeps You and Your Passengers Feel Comfortable

car air freshener comfortable


​A nice smelling car doesn't turn off your passengers. Therefore it makes them feel more at ease. After all, you wouldn't want to hear them complain how awful your car smells or worse, avoid riding your car entirely.

It Provides A Pleasant Atmosphere

car air freshener couple am ocean paradise


​Overall, a clean and nice smelling car give you good vibes. It makes you feel as if you are breathing in fresh air and at the same time, it lifts up your mood in an instant.

Different Types of Fragrances​

​A car air freshener has many kinds of aromas and flavors. There are natural scents including flowers, fruits, sea, mountain and other flavors. They are also available in various shapes and colors. Car air fresheners are affordable so you don’t need to think twice when buying one for your car.

How To Eliminate The Foul Odor Effectively​

​Before you purchase and install a car air freshener in your car, there are some prerequisite steps you need to take to ensure that the stinky smell in your car goes away completely. Most drivers, including myself, think that putting an air freshener will solve the problem. Think again because apparently it only masks the odor but doesn’t get rid of the problem.

At first, I thought I just needed to keep on buying a car air freshener but I noticed that every time the scent runs out, the foul smell resurfaces. There are other occasions where the perfume of the air freshener gets mixed up with the bad odor. Therefore, you still get a weird and somewhat funky smell in your car.

​So I did my research and found out that you need to do a couple of things before you actually use a car air freshener. Just follow this guide.

Step 1: Locate The Source Of The Smell​

The foul odor is originating somewhere inside your vehicle. It may be caused by various reasons.​

The first thing you need to do is find where it is coming from. Check all the interior parts of your vehicle. Inspect the front and back seats as well as underneath it.​

Look at the pockets and other tight areas where anything can get stuck. The smell won’t go away unless you find the culprit. It could be in the form of food, cigarette butts or smoke, damp or wet clothes, and other elements.​

Step 2: Clean Your Car Interior​

Once you successfully identify what is causing the smell, the next step is to clean your car and have your interior detailed. You can easily do this by yourself. Just buy a car cleaning product and some towels to get this job done.​

Make sure you clean every nook and cranny of your interior. If you focus only on the area that is causing the bad smell, then the odor can still linger in the air especially if it has been there for a while. The smell can also stick to other areas and may possibly remain there unless you clean it too.​

Spray the cleaning product into your towel and use it to wipe off the dust off the surface of your interior. Remove your mats and carpet because they can also be the source of the smell. For all you know, you may have spilled food and drinks in it which is causing the bad odor.​

Vacuum it thoroughly before you put it back in your vehicle. Wash your mats to get rid of the dirt and grime.​

Step 3: Use A Car Air Freshener

After eliminating the source of the smell and cleaning your car, the final step is to apply a car air freshener to your freshly cleaned vehicle. It will greatly improve the smell in your car.​

Our 5 Air Freshener Reviews for Your Car

Here's a list of the most recommended car air freshener to give you an idea. We’ve identified the pros and cons of each product.​

This classic scented air freshener comes in 24 pieces and is carded individually for your convenience. It comes in various classic aromas such as strawberry, royal pine, bouquet, spice, vanillaroma, and new car so you have many options to choose from.


  • The fragrances smell deliciously great and even my kids love it.
  • The assortment of the flavors are well-thought of especially since all fragrances smell nice.
  • Each freshener can last a couple of weeks which means you can change the smell of your car every now and then.


  • Once you take out the plastic covering entirely, the smell may easily fade. A good tip is to pull down the plastic after every few days so you won’t have to take off the whole cover. This will prolong the smell in your car.
  • It can be a little distracting if you put in on your windshield. You can hang it somewhere that won’t distract you.
  • The Little Trees Air Freshener is a classic and traditional product that keeps your car smelling fresh and nice. It’s very easy to use and it comes in different yummy flavors and scents to maintain the aroma in your car.

This air purifying bag is manufactured with active charcoals that are designed to absorb elements that are causing the odor including harmful allergens and pollutants in the air. It also acts as a dehumidifier to prevent the build-up of mildew.

This product is environmentally-friendly and is made from 100 percent organic moso bamboo.


  • Since it is made from organic materials that are eco-friendly, this car freshener is very safe to use.
  • This product is reusable. Once it dries out, you can open the bag and use the charcoal in your garden. It will help the plant absorb more nutrients and moisture while keeping the pests away from your plants.
  • You don’t have to mask the funky smell in your car with strong perfumes. Instead, this air purifying bag absorbs the odor which makes your car smell and feel more natural.
  • You can easily clip it anywhere making it very convenient to use.


  • I tried attaching it to different areas in my car but it doesn’t seem to make any difference in the smell.
  • The Drive Natural Car Air Freshener is more suitable for drivers who are into eco-friendly products. Since it is made of organic ingredients, it is very safe for you and your kids whenever you step into the vehicle. You don’t inhale any toxins and chemicals that are harmful to your body.

This car air freshener may be suitable for pet owners. It is specially designed to effectively eliminate the smell of animals in your vehicle. This freshener is infused with a neutralizer to absorb the whiff of your cat or dog that is stuck to the interior of your vehicle.


  • This car air freshener is made of non-toxic materials making it safe for your family and your furry pal.
  • It neutralizes the lingering smell of Fido. If you’re a pet owner and you often drive with your canine friend, you are aware how hard it is to get rid of pet odor even if they haven’t been inside the car for a long time. This helps absorb their smell.
  • This works even if you don’t own a pet. The scented flavors are a delight.
  • It lasts longer than most car air fresheners I’ve tried.


  • It may work well but the scent is a little too overpowering for my nose.
  • The string is made from a low-quality material. I suggest you replace it with a different string to avoid any issues.
  • The One Fur All Pet House Car Air Freshener is not only for pet owners. You can use it to get rid of strong bad odor in your vehicle. Plus, it lasts longer than most car air fresheners which give you more value for your money.

This 5-in-1 deodorizer and freshener are packed in small, medium, and large bags. You can use it not only in your car but anywhere in your house as well. This makes it very versatile and practical to use especially since you don’t have to buy a separate one for your car and home.


  • This works on getting rid of any strong and unpleasant smells in your vehicle.
  • You can also use it to eliminate pet odors.
  • The packaging is really nice. You can easily insert or hang the bags anywhere in your car.
  • This car freshener is made of bamboo charcoal and is natural and chemically free making it safe for you and the environment as well.


  • It may take a while before you see any results. I inserted a bag in my vehicle and it didn’t seem to make any difference even after a few days.
  • The RejuvenAir Car Air Freshener comes in different sizes to accommodate different room spaces. You can use it in your car or even at home which makes it very flexible and versatile to use. It is made from organic materials that are safe and free from toxic and harmful substances.

This air freshener and oil diffuser are manufactured in high-quality steel material that you can conveniently clip on your vents. It comes with eight oil refill pads in various colors for a more stylish look. You can just use 2 to 4 drops and it will last you for a couple of days.


  • This air freshener is designed in a premium necklace which looks very elegant and polished.
  • The material is very durable to assure you that it won’t break anytime soon.
  • The aroma of the oils is very nice.
  • The price is very reasonable.


  • The locket is a bit hard to open.
  • The chains in the necklace are either too long or too short. In this case, you can just buy a different chain to suit your preference and style.
  • This may not be suitable for drivers who are always on the go especially since you have to allot a few minutes to drop the oil every couple of days.
  • The AblerV Car Air Freshener and Diffuser is a stylish way to keep your car smelling and looking nice. It is designed as a necklace so you can use it in different ways.


After reviewing the five best air freshener for car in the market 2019, we highly recommend the One Fur All Pet House Air Freshener. It is very simple, easy, and convenient to use. You just hang it anywhere in your car and you’re all set to go.

It may be branded as a pet car freshener but you can use it even if you don’t own a pet. It gives off a powerful and nice fragrance that effectively eliminates strong foul odors. If it can get rid of your doggy smell then it can also eradicate other stinky odors lingering in your car.​

This makes it a notch higher than the rest of the car air fresheners we featured. It wins for ease of use and performance. This product gets rid of the smell, keeps your passengers comfortable and provides a nice atmosphere in your vehicle.​ Your friends will definitely want to hang out in your car more often.​

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