Best Automotive Paint Gun Reviews 2019: Everything You Need To Know

Car painting is a sophisticated job that requires both training and experience from the painters. Not only beginners, but professionals can also make big mistakes that might ruin their hard work. One of these mistakes is choosing the wrong paint gun.

If there is a tool that most car painters should invest in, it should be an automotive paint gun. However, these products come in a variety of types and sizes, which might make people confused when they want to buy the best automotive paint gun. If you’re one of them, don’t worry! This post is written to provide you with a detailed buying guide and honest reviews of the top-five-best. Let’s get started!​


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Main Types of Automotive Paint Guns

High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Paint Guns



They are conventional paint guns having a compressor to provide the high volume of air. They can transfer a large amount of fluids (up to 65% of the paint) at decreased pressures to the surface. Besides, they reduce the overspray to save the paint and material as well as decrease the risk of air pollution.

This type of paint guns is usually used in cosmetic industries, scenic painting, automotive, furniture finishing, decorative and architectural coating. It’s also great to spray interiors, such as recesses, doors, trims and cabinets.

Airless Paint Guns



Under the high pressure, the overspray is limited and the large interior surfaces like walls and ceilings and exterior surfaces such as lattice, shutters, lattice and fences can be painted rapidly. Furthermore, it can deal with thicker paints than HVLP or compressed air guns.

Compressed Air Paint Guns



These guns compress the air to spray a smooth layer of paint to the surface. They can be applied for painting cabinets and furniture because they’re much cheaper than HVLP or airless guns. However, they usually emit more overspray than others.

Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) Paint Guns



LVLP paint guns take a lower volume of air to operate at the low pressure. When used, the air requirements are less, large air compressors are not essential and small ones are able to paint an entire car without ceasing.

How to Choose the Best Automotive Paint Gun

Type of Paint Guns

Because automotive paint gun has several types (as I already mentioned above), you should consider carefully the purposes of yourself. For example, a low or high pressure, which one do you prefer? Most people tend to choose HVLP paint guns because they own many outstanding benefits.

Size of Nozzles

This is another important feature that you should take into account when buying a paint gun. The size of nozzles will determine the manner that the paint will come out. Small nozzles with the diameter of 1.2 mm, 1.3 mm or 1.4 mm are suitable for viscosity coatings, while the larger ones, such as 1.8 mm or 2.0 mm, is better for higher-viscosity materials.

Materials of Paint Guns

Paint guns are usually made of plastic and metal. Painters tend to use metal ones because they are stronger and more durable. Moreover, the disposable one should be easy to recycle after using to prevent the environmental degradation.

Magnitude of Job

If you have an automotive shop where requires the high-quality of painting on a large surface, it’s great to pick up an expensive and functional pain gun. One the other hand, if you only want to paint your car, the simple one would be a wiser decision.

For tips on using a paint gun to have a perfect performance, check this video:


The higher frequency you have to maintain your tool, the higher amount of time and cost you have to waste. HVLP and LVLP paint guns requires less maintenance because of low pressure when compared to other spray systems. So, I recommend you to buy one of these types.​


Price mostly depends on the manufacturers, types, designs and materials. The high price usually comes with the high quality, but the cheapness doesn’t mean that it is poor in quality or performance. Based on your demand, let’s find the most suitable product for you.​

Our Automotive Paint Gun Reviews 2019

The following is our reviews of top 5 automotive paint guns. We will provide you with detailed information about their features, advantages and disadvantages. Click the links to check the price and buy the product you like.

3M Accuspray Spray Gun System


This system includes one HVLP Accuspray Spray Gun, one 1.2-mm Blue Accuspray atomizing head for applying stains, one 1.3-mm Green Accuspray atomizing head, one 1.4-mm Orange Accuspray atomizing head for medium viscosity coatings like automotive clearcoats and basecoat, and one 1.8-mm Clear Accuspray atomizing head for higher-viscosity materials like seals and primers.

Moreover, it contains one air control valve, one standard 22-oz mixing hard cup and collar, one mixing insert film, and five liners and colored lids (four with 200-micron filter and one with 125-micron filter) for easy identification and protection.

Thanks to PPS (Paint Preparation System), the inefficiency of the process of mixing paint with other materials and transferring them through filters and other equipment will be limited. It also allows users to mix less paint and decrease the solvent usage up to 70%. Although it’s considered as one of the best automotive paint guns, it can be applied for painting woodworking, architecture, furniture, refinishing and industrial.


  • Use less air pressure
  • Can be held upside down
  • Use all paint up in the cup
  • Save material and time
  • Easy to assembly and clean up
  • Easy to paint into the cavities and recesses


  • It requires maintenance
  • It’s expensive
  • It only comes with two 1.4-mm head and two 1.8 mm

The gun is great for automotive because it’s able to transfer the higher quality paint than other paint guns. Thus, we don’t need to worry about overspray.

Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670 Paint Gun


Because of being made of high-grade stainless steel, it’s very durable and resistant. There are a FLG-670 HVLP Gun, multiple fluid tips including 1.3 mm, 1.5 mm and 1.8 mm tips which make the spraying process quicker and easier, 900cc Aluminum Cup and an in-built air adjusting valve as well as a gauge for accuracy.

It’s equipped with the latest atomization technology to traditionally paint houses or interior walls, especially cars. Moreover, thanks to the machined air caps, it can provide a high level of precision, but still be easy for users to handle and operate.​


  • Futuristic and sleek design
  • Advanced atomization technology
  • Less overspray to limit the wastage of paint
  • Internal passages of gun are easy to clean up
  • High-grade stainless steel components


  • Maintenance maybe complicated
  • Larger compressor can’t take viscous fluids
  • The solvent paint in plastic cup may curdle

If your budget allows, and you want to have a lightweight gun as well as a wide range of tips choice, you should choose this product. Also, it works well with latex, heavy mediums and even small pancake compressors.

Graco-Sharpe 288880 Paint Spray Gun


It contains FX3000 gun, 600 cc aluminum cup, 1.4 mm tip, a wrench and cleaning brush. It also goes with a stage air filter and a dryer unit as well. Therefore, it’s quite easy to set up and clean up, which makes it the best automotive paint gun for beginners. It’s also ideal to paint intermediate mediums like solvent, latex and lacquer.

Another advantage of this model is its light weight. Due to the manner of air consumption, it’s simple to have a great painting surface. It’s used not only for painting the cars but also for painting diverse solid colors on the motorbike.​


  • Light weight and compact design
  • Come with a one-year guarantee
  • Spray pattern is easy to control
  • A repair kit is available if you need


  • It’s quite expensive
  • There is a leakage in the nozzle
  • The fan on the paint gun is quite small

I appreciate the Graco-Sharpe 288880 Paint Spray Gun because it’s simple to utilize and easy to clean. Although it’s not too expensive, it works like a high-end paint gun. The beginners should purchase it.

TCP Global Undercoating Gun with Suction Feed Cup


This gun is designed to transfer spray patterns and provide you with a professional finishing. However, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of the paint. With the die-cast aluminum alloy body as well as a lightweight and sturdy construction, it’s very durable and can last for years. Furthermore, it’s equipped with stainless steel nozzles and needles.

Thanks to a 2.5-mm tip, you can use it to spray thick materials like chip guard, gel coats, polyester primers, latex paints and thick enamels. An air regulator and a liter aluminum cup are also included. Plus, its control knobs supply full adjustment over the fluid control, spray pattern and air pressure.


  • Nice finishing and light weight
  • One-year warranty
  • Can spray the thickest materials
  • Suitable to deal with a wide range viscosity of oil or water
  • Maintenance kit is included.


  • Not suitable for metal flakes
  • It has a bad regulator
  • Set-up guide is not clear

I don’t recommend this model for beginners because it’s quite heavy and hard to use. Also, the instruction guide is unclear. For masters, it’s very efficient when painting the thickest materials.

Astro EUROHV105 EuroPro Forged HVLP Spray Gun


As another HVLP paint gun, this one is very suitable for car coatings. Thanks to the quick thread technology, the air consumption and the ability to give patterns, it provides the better capacity to paint large surfaces.

With a 600-ml cup, this automotive paint gun contains enough paint for the whole car, which increases the efficiency rate. It’s for those who would desire to get a portable option. You can mix and paint up to 2 quarts with its pressure pot design.

Then, you get 6 feet of twin hosing; therefore, the operation and movement are very easy. This model is recommended for your panels and larger vehicles like buses and trucks. Moreover, it’s very essential for those who need another tool for extra support or do any commercial work.​


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Smooth operation and movement
  • 86% transfer efficiency rate
  • Paint large surfaces of the cars
  • Stick-out and have more capacity
  • Easy to set up and clean


  • Some components lack replacement parts

This is an awesome automotive paint gun with an affordable price. I recommend it for you because of its high efficiency.


In this post, you have read all the information about the types of automotive paint guns, criteria that you should take into account to get the best one and the reviews of top best automotive paint guns. Each of them has different characteristics, benefits and drawbacks. Based on that, you can decide the most suitable one for your demands.

For me, I choose the 3M Accuspray Spray Gun System. Although it’s quite expensive, it provides you with a full tool to paint your cars, including 1.2 mm, 1.3 mm, 1.4 mm and 1.8 mm nozzles which allow you to paint from the small surfaces like recess, basecoat and clearcoats to large surfaces like primers and seals. Moreover, this system also prevents the overspray to save your expensive paint and materials.​

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