Top 5 Best Battery Testers: All You Need to Know Before Buying

Everyone who often uses battery should buy a good battery tester. However, you should be careful with fake products in the market as they are likely to give you the inaccurate reading and sometimes will not warn you about the approaching death of the battery.

Hence, if you find it difficult to choose a quality battery tester but you do not know how to start due to different sources of information. I am here to help you, and this article will do a full review for you to pick the best battery tester.


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What Is A Battery Tester?​

A battery tester is an electronic equipment which is designed to test the ‘health’ of electric batteries. In fact, they vary from a simple tester for charge test presenting in the voltage output and its cells to capacity and disadvantages that might affect your battery.​

Why Do You Need A Battery Tester?​

As its name, a battery tester is used to test your battery. However, the question is why do we this testing system? And here are some convincing reasons that you should be aware of:

  • To ensure that all equipment are sufficiently supported
  • To avoid unexpected errors by checking the health of your battery
  • To warn you about the approaching death

Apart from that, battery testing also helps you answer the following questions:

  • What are the condition and the capacity of your battery?
  • When should your battery be replaced?
  • What could you do to prolong its life?
  • What should you avoid doing?

To be honest, the battery is a complicated chemical device made from various components such as active material, jar, grids, and so on and any of them could fail no matter how perfectly they are produced.

Types Of Battery Tests And How Do They Work?​

Battery testers are divided into two main groups which are a simple and integrated tester.

Simple Tester​

The most basic tester that could help you check the charge rate of your battery is a DC voltmeters which are specially designed to measure the voltage. If everything is under 90 percent of the nominal voltage, the battery will be likely to be unusable.​

The tester allows you to estimate battery voltage with 10 Ohm load. There is a switch available for you to choose one of the two voltage ranges. After choosing your preferred one, connect your battery and do a reading without or with a load by pressing a button.​

Integrated Tester​

There is a large variety of kinds of battery testers, and each one is responsible for a specialized testing procedure, which is based on which kind of tested battery. For example, lead-acid vehicle battery will be estimated by a test called 421.​

The fundamental principle of an integrated tester basing upon the empirical research illustrated that the output voltage that is related to the overall condition when referring to the health of battery would be released after applying a current for a few seconds to your battery.​

How To Do The Test And Assess Your Battery​


There are a few important notes that you should pay attention to because they might make your testing process more effectively.​

Test Interval​

  • A capacity test should be taken once your battery is brand new
  • To set up baseline values for your battery, take a test called impedance test apart from the capacity test
  • Do these 2 tests above within 2 years
  • Take a capacity test every 25 percent of required service life
  • An annual capacity test is necessary once your battery reached 85 percent or if the capacity of your battery suddenly decreased by 10 percent or is less than 90 percent of the rating that it should achieve
  • If the Impedance value changed dramatically, a capacity test would be highly recommended


  • In case the impedance reached more than 50 percent over baseline, please replace the shell
  • A new battery should take over from the old one if the capacity test illustrate under 80 percent of the suggested capacity from the manufacturer

Our Battery Tester Reviews for Cars

As I mentioned before, in this article I will introduce you 5 pro battery testers, in my opinion, available in the market.​

ANCEL Automotive Load Battery Tester


Apart from a compact design, this tester could help you analyze your battery with the information about cranking power, voltage charge, and how long your battery could survive. Likewise, it offers you a wider range of tests and the results base on many standards.

It also tests cranking conditions of Starter and alternator charging as well. A huge LCD display with contrast adjustment is another plus point. Also, this product does not require internal batteries to operate. Plus, you have a 2-year warranty.

In spite of those advantages, this battery tester might cause you some problems. As this is a multifunctional device, it is quite complicated to use. The advertised quick test is not true since they often rate cars in CCA. Last, there is a lack of customer service contacts.


  • Provides different tests with detailed information
  • Long cable to hook up your battery with perfect clamps
  • Accurate assessment
  • Readable display with well-responded buttons
  • Compact design
  • Take power from your 12V battery instead of requiring internal batteries to operate
  • 2-year warranty


  • No quick test for car battery
  • Complicated to use
  • Vague instructions
  • Does not have manufacturer’s contacts for customer services

Foxwell Battery Load Tester


Apart from being a battery tester, it is also a battery analyzer, To be honest, this is my favorite tester among available products in the market now. It could test both 12 volt and 24-volt batteries. The CCA test might help you evaluate the health of your battery.

Similar to the previous tester, this could perform well with many different types of batteries. The test of the charging system is taken to ensure the voltage output is still good. More importantly, the result data could be printed via the Bluetooth printer.

Everything has the pros and cons. Because this device carries out many functions that lead to a heavy menu on display. Likewise, it is sometimes difficult to connect to your Bluetooth printer which drove me crazy.


  • A quick test result
  • Provides you with an accurate assessment
  • Compatible with diverse batteries such as AGM Flat Plate, Flooded Acid, Gel Cell, and Spiral Wound
  • Does not require to take the battery out to do the test
  • Large display
  • Available in a wide range of languages like Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, German, French, and English
  • Allows users to print the result via the Bluetooth printer


  • A heavy menu that could confuse users, especially those who are not familiar with advanced technology
  • Difficult to connect to the Bluetooth printer sometimes

Solar Digital Battery and System Tester


This product is equipped with 12-volt battery system and tester and the capacity of 40 to 1200 CCA testing. CCA is the abbreviation of cold cranking amps which is used to measure the sufficiency of the battery to run your engine.

Also, it was made perfectly compatible with diverse batteries, for example, AGM Flat Plate, Flooded Acid, Gel Cell, or Spiral Wound. Its LCD might help you read the result clearly in different lighting environments.

However, this device does not fit motorcycle batteries that could cause inaccurate assessment. To be more specific, the result is often 2 – 3 times as high as the CCA rate, so an unusable battery is still indicated as ‘OK.'


  • Compatible with diverse batteries such as AGM Flat Plate, Flooded Acid, Gel Cell, and Spiral Wound
  • Quick test result
  • Reasonable price
  • A friendly user product
  • Nice display


  • Inaccurate assessment of motorcycle batteries
  • Does not work with drained batteries
  • No warranty
  • Bad customer services
  • Short lifespan

Cartman Car Battery & Alternator Tester


This device works with 12-volt batteries only. Additionally, it provides you a LED display to show the state check with some brief notes on different types of checks you should pay attention to like battery check, alternator check, and charger check.

In fact, the product from Cartman might bring you some big disadvantages. The clips are not long and big enough to connect to your battery. The written instructions are quite bad due to its poor English. Sometimes, it could not check whether the alternator is still working or not.


  • Reasonable price
  • Simple tool that is effective at testing car batteries
  • Good build – a no-frills device
  • A sufficiently accurate assessment


  • The instructions is written in poor English
  • The clamps are not big enough to connect to the battery
  • Not effective at checking the state of alternator

Schumacher Battery Load Tester


This is an analog battery tester that could work with both 6 volt and 12-volt batteries as well. It is designed to check battery condition, load, motor draw, and also bring you a diagnosis of the charging system.

On the other hand, the construction quality is quite inferior, in other words, it was cheaply made. Furthermore, this device does not have a durable lifelong, so you should consider carefully before making a decision.


  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight
  • Quite accurate assessment


  • Bad construction
  • Not durable
  • Short warranty (only 30 days)
  • Too general reading
  • Not accurate at checking voltage output


In short, if you want to test the health and prolong your battery lifespan, a pro battery tester is highly recommended. According to your favorite batteries to choose a simple or an integrated one.​

In case you want to stimulate your creativity or cannot afford a good tester, you are able to make a battery tester by yourself with simple materials and instructions. ANCEL Automotive Load Battery Tester, in my point of view, is not a bad idea for you.

I hope that you found today article interesting and helpful. Now you are confident to be an expert in choosing a good battery tester.

If you have any questions, leave a comment to let me know, do not forget to like and share this post with others who are interested in.​

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