The Best Car Amplifier for the Money You Should Have

You just need to upgrade the speakers that can get the good quality sound as desired, right? This one is not true. The stereo is likely unclear or even distorted. So, what is the solution for the quality audio system?

In fact, there is a smart way to fix this situation. If you do not hesitate to pay a little more, a right option for you is the best car amp. It makes sure that your car’s audio system will be improved a significant way.​


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Why Should Add an Amplifier to Your Vehicle?

The majority of us knows the certain benefits when using a car amp for our car. Basically, we can understand a simple way that the car amps will take the audio signal from your vehicle after providing a more powerful signal to the speakers yours.​

Even, replacing your stock sound with a new deck is not powerful enough to bring a quality sound, especially when you have equipped the tweeters and subwoofers for your car.​


In What Ways Can You Select the Best Car Amp for the Money?​

  • The exact budget

Buying a car amp under $200 is a reasonable spend. Nonetheless, do you want to purchase one cheaper? Yes, it will have a certain difference from the quality of the amplifier you desire to get. Let’s consider carefully! The average is approximate $100.

  • The output power you’d like to…

It is important that the amplifier must match the necessary power for your subwoofers or speakers. Once the power does not match, your car audio system will get harmful. It recommends that you should purchase one with the higher power. To match, you just need to turn it down.

  • The numbers of the channels

There are many options available on the market for you, in particular, 5-channel, 4, 2, or mono. Frequently, we recommend that you ought to pick up a 4-channel amplifier.

However, the mono amp likely works a perfect manner if your vehicle is being powered a subwoofer. You should know that how many channels is to depend on the number of the speakers or subs you are utilizing.​


4-channel Amplifier

  • The types of the amp power

In particular, there are some amplifier power supply types you may consider. The most popular type must mention – Class A/B. Yes, it is used a wide way, thanks to its efficiency. Another type also works well – Class D.

  • Does it fit?

Although this is not a big problem, it is certain that you will not want to drive something no clear. So, let’s keep it in mind!

Our Car Amplifier Reviews in 2019

Are you looking for a good car amp for your vehicle? Well, we’ll help you out! Here are the quality models, along with the real information and our own experience to provide an overview about them. Let’s see!​

Boss Audio R1100 Class A/B Car Amplifier


If you want to improve the bass and performance of your car audio system, this car amplifier is a good option with a reasonable.

With 2-ohm and 110-watt power, the Boss Audio R1100 Class A/B amplifier is powerful enough for you to get the desired sound. In additional to that, the variable Bass Boost and Low Pass Crossover allow you to customize your audio system easily.

Thanks to the power derived from the MOSFET, this model provides the maximum power. At once, it has the ability to switch from full into non-condition and enables the output reached the high performance.

As mentioned, the 2-ohm electrical resistance is quite stable, so your speakers can be powered a comfortable way throughout the operation. Correspondingly, both the volume and power are more.

All in all, the Boss Audio R1100 is a good car amplifier you should consider when coming with the high-grade input plug, plus cable, manual, remote sub control, and warranty card.


  • It pumps out some stereos
  • The power is good
  • Easy to set up
  • The bass is clear


  • It is poorly made
  • It breaks quickly

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Class D Amplifier


When saying to the car amplifier, the Rockford Fosgate R500X1D is considered as the best model, along with the muted turn on, the aluminum heatsink, high-level inputs, short-circuit protection, PCA pass via outputs, thermal sensing, phase switch, and real-time output.

This model also provides the MOSFET power so that it makes sure the running performance of your car audio system effectively.​

Similar to others, the R500X1D also has a remote bass and a phase switch, but it is safe and efficient to bring the good sound to your speaker. Furthermore, the onboard 12 decibels/octave crossover and the onboard punch EQ contribute to boosting the quality of the sound.​

Due to it wants to provide a better durability, it is covered a cast aluminum heatsink and is mounted on the top by a stealth control panel. Plus, a wired remote allows you to control the punch level.​

But frankly speaking, you will surely feel satisfied with what this amplifier brings. It is actually perfect for a variety of cars.​


  • Easy to install
  • It has a lot of power
  • The sound is clean
  • It is good for running a shallow sub


  • Too much bass
  • It is not enough treble

Kenwood KAC-M1804 4-channel Amplifier


This is an ideal option for those who are looking for an amplifier belongs Class D. This model is powerful enough to bring the optimal power output when it has the RMS power ~ 4 ohms and 400 watts.

​Beside from owning an extruded aluminum heatsink like other amps, this 4-channel amplifier from Kenwood has a conformal coated circuit board to create the difference.

The 5 1/2 –inch width, 3 1/16-inch diameter, and 1 5/16-inch height make this model fit with multi-purpose, in particular, ATVs, marine vehicles, motorcycles, cars, and more.​

Moreover, the Kenwood KAC-M1804 also comes with the CEA-2006 standards. The pre-amp inputs and speaker-level are also provided. Plus, the RCA cables contributes to bringing a short power for the audio system of your car.​

View from different angles, the KAC-M1804 is really the quality amplifier for those who want to own the model with the reliable brand like Kenwood.​


  • The installation is easy
  • It is compact
  • The reasonable price
  • The bass is improved a significant way


  • Although it turns off the volume, you can still hear a hiss of the speakers
  • Not much power

Planet Audio AC2000.2 2-Channel Amplifier


You can control the sub level with a remote. With the electrical resistance is 2000 watts and 2-4 ohms, along with the MOSFET power, this 2-channel amplifier is stable.

​Based on the variable low and high pass crossover, you can customize the audio of your vehicle. Owing to the Bass Boost feature, a continuous bass thumping via the remote control is easy to get.

​It is noticed that this product has a blue logo with the warranty in 6 years from the dealer. If chosen to buy it, you still have the manual, a high-grade input plug, a cable, and a remote control.

If it comes to think of the Planet Audio AC2000.2, it is actually a versatile product. It allows the users to be able to drive in the sound-unmatched condition. What a good it is!​


  • The bass is excellent when running at 2-ohm
  • Easy to install
  • It provides a good sound
  • Easy to hook up


  • The bass knob does not work well
  • Less powerful

Pioneer GM-D8601 Class D Mono Car Amplifier


You want to provide the power to your subwoofer at a reasonable cost, don’t you? Well, the Pioneer GM-D8601 is an option worth to consider. You are difficult to look for an amplifier with the quality bang for both the power and the buck in this price range.

​Saying to this model, I am pleased with its power level ~ 1,600 watts. Getting the 800-watt RMS power is easy, especially, you are using a subwoofer. Customizing your sub from 40 Hz to 240 Hz is not difficult.

There is one of the car amplifiers coming with up-and-down bass custom, thanks to the bass control module with the wire.​

You will not have to buy the additional adapters to connect the speaker level inputs to the OEM head-unit because this model has equipped this feature for you.​

I especially love this model as the high volume of the music while the background noise is less. What’s more, the power outputs in 3 settings are continuous. Let’s own one right now! Don’t miss the opportunity!​


  • It is very small and compact
  • The bass sound is clear
  • It is cool without heat
  • Easy to install


  • The power is less

How to Select a Wise Way

Based on the car amp reviews, you can have a wise choice. Accordingly, we recommend that you should read and collect the related information, which likely helps you to give a proper decision.​

What is the best car amp for the money you should consider? Yes, in general, the car amplifiers in our list are unique and available on the market. Of course, each of the car amplifiers has the certain advantage and disadvantage in comparison with the rest one.​

It is important that you pick up the good amp, which likely meets your needs. Inevitably, it also relies on the individual preferences, so it is necessary to select based on your priority factors.​

If it considers all angles, the Rockford Fosgate amplifier is the most outstanding. You can entirely enjoy the excellent audio quality as your expectations. Of course, it is usually expensive.​

On the contrary, if you want something cheaper, it is probably that you are difficult to get the features as desired. With the amplifier, you ought to consider the features, instead, the price.​

Don’t forget to choose the reliable brand, which provides the warranty policy as well as the question return policy as good as possible. Don’t be deceived by the amplifier features.​


Choosing the most modern brand is not necessary, instead, let’s select the desired model in your budget, which allows you to listen to the sound clearly.​

Anything has its certain limitations. If the chosen amplifier does not likely use for multi-speakers, you should not expect its quality that can bring the desired sound. Another vital factor is to ensure the air circulation to avoid overheating.​

All in all, let’s consolidate all information to give a precise decision before buying the best car amplifier for the money. Good luck!!!​

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