Choosing The Best Car Wax for Black Cars: All You Need To Know

If you own a black car, you would want it to stand out by making sure it maintains its shine for a long time. Well, the shine over time might fade because of the exposure to the sun and other weather elements. What is important is to find the best way to deal with such an issue. The use of car wax for black cars should be a start to get your car looking its best once again.

​So, which products would be the best to do the job? Below we get to see some of the top product to use for as car wax for the dark colors.


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Types of Car Wax​

Liquid Waxes

​These types of waxes are important cleaning and giving your car a great gloss look. They would also offer the shine for a longer time as compared to the other types. The difficult part is when you have to apply it evenly and start buffing. The liquid can easily dry out before evenly applying it.

Paste Waxes​

You would get more people preferring to use the paste wax as it is easy to apply. You get it on the supplied sponge or pad and start applying easily. The only con would be removing the paste near the bottom of the container. Buffing is still simple to give your car that shining look​.

Spray Waxes​

This type of wax would be great for the new cars that still have an excellent paint finish. You can also do some spot waxing with the spraying type if you do not want to do the whole car. They are often just used newer paint.​

Tips for Waxing Your Car

Wash the Car First​

Before you can start applying the wash, you have to make sure that the surface is clean. You can resolve to hand washing or taking it to a professional car wash. You need to use the soft towels to make sure that it does not end up causing damage to the paint job.​

Make Sure to Choose a High-Quality Type of Wax​

The type of wax you get to choose is supposed to be of high quality if you are looking to end up with the best product ever. The wax is supposed to deliver the best shine that you have always wanted and still protect your car from the UV rays. Having the best UV protection is always important for the car’s paint durability. You might have noticed that some cars would easily fade with time when paint is not protected over time.​

Keep In Mind the Right Tools for the Job​

One thing about waxing is to improve the condition of the paint and not to destroy it. So, what are the right tools to do the job? You will need to get yourself a soft clean cloth and sponges for applying and removing the car wax from the surface. 

Make sure that the cloth is made of cotton as the natural sponges might contain dust that would dull the wax instead of making it to shine. When it comes to buffing, stick to using hand rather than the mechanical buffers. Leave that to the professionals.​

Here is a quick video on how to wax a black car.

Create the Shine You Want​

Once you have applied the wax on the car surface, leave it to dry before buffing to remove it. You are now in a position to buff the surface until you get the right shine that you need. Depending on the polish, you can a different type of shine when polishing.

Some places that have deeper scratches and scuffs might the user to add a rubbing compound to make it shine. In the other places, you can simply use the fine grit polish to get the car shining.

It is Better to Work on One Section At a Time​

Getting to end up with the best shine needs that the user gets to work on one section at a time. The wax in its nature would tend to dry quite quickly so it becomes hard to remove the wax when it is dried up. Working on small sections and rubbing them down will help to end up with a shining surface with ease.​

It would even be better to work on your car in a shade as the wax easily dries up. Applying the wax directly in the sun would easily make the drying process to be faster. At least in the shade, you would have a chance to buff it before it gets dried up.​

Our Car Wax Reviews for Black Cars

This product is formulated to be the best for the black and dark colored cars. The moment you get to be done with the waxing, you would notice outstanding levels of gloss coming from this type of paste.

The product is further made not to use any dyes or colorants that would affect the color of your car. It is formulated to have the polishing oils that are specially blended with polymers important for adding the gloss finish and swirl free look in the end.

The layer of the wax would last for months from the time you get to apply it. No need to keep applying the wax every week to maintain the shine. You get a hand applicator included with the product so that your work is a lot easier.


  • It is affordable
  • The wax is long lasting
  • It is easy to apply and remove
  • It comes with a hand applicator pad


  • Some people feel that the pad might cause scratches
  • It does not have the best packaging
  • On overall, this product is affordable and gives you the shine that would last for months. Your black car will keep the high gloss finish for months, thus there is not need to applying it more often.

It is now time to restore beauty to your black car by using the right type of product starting today. This wax is made specially for the black surfaces so that it can make them look great again. The whole package comes with a black-tinted technology important for filling in the blemishes and covering them so that you end up with a mirror like finish.

You still get the finishing kit important for revitalizing and brightening the black or any dark color. It should easily replenish the lost color on the car and make it shine like a new coat. Other than making your car just to shine, it is still made to offer a powerful UV protection to keep the car from fading its color easily. You should easily now maintain the black appearance.​


  • It offers powerful UV protection
  • It restores the worn paint
  • It removes blemishes on your paint
  • It is carnauba based wax


  • You have to apply a lot more to see a difference
  • It takes time to go through all the stages of applying
  • What you will love about this model is that it offers powerful protection against the UV Rays. The rays are known for making the color to easily fade with time. If you want to maintain the deepest black appearance, it is time to apply this wax on your car.

This formula offers maximum synthetic protection that most people are looking to see on the cars’ color. It should also give better reflectivity for the color in just a simple one step of application. The use of the ThinFilm Technology is important for making it so easy to apply the wax on the car and wipe it off whenever you have to. The best part is that it will not stain the non-painted trim on your car.

There is still the use of the advanced synthetic polymer crosslink that should help with giving you the best protective barrier to keep the car paint protected. The hydrophobic polymer technology you get is important to increase the surface tension making the water easily roll off the paint.​


  • It is easy to apply
  • It comes with hydrophobic polymer technology
  • It has a long lasting protective barrier
  • It is safe for all glossy paints


  • It tends to turn into a watery material after a few months
  • It tends to evaporate easily as compared to other models
  • The ease of application always makes the model stand out and keep shining all the time. The mirror-like shine you get from the wax makes it possible to make a tired paint to look bright again.

Your car deserves to look its best and make it presentable at all times. It is the reason you need to get the best car wax for black cars that can get it shining once again. This product comes with new polymer additives important for making sure that you get a better shine and performance. There is no doubt you would love the attention you would get when you apply the product on your car paint.

​The application process is quite easy. Just make sure you get to follow the given instructions by the manufacturer. Once you apply it, the wax will dry up fast to make the buffing part to be easy. The manufacturer still provides you with a microfiber towel you would use for the buffing process.


  • It is environmentally safe
  • It gives the car the ultimate shine
  • It is easy to apply and buff
  • It works for different types of cars


  • It is expensive as compared to the others
  • Comparing it to some of the car wax for black cars, this one seems to be quite easy for application. You simply need to apply a thin layer and then buff with the provided towel. As simple as that you should get the car shining once again.

Meguiar's G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax

Via Amazon.com

Coming from such a top brand, what you get in the end is the best shine that you have always looked for in a car wax. It is not just about the shine, but also the maximum protection you get from the UV rays. This time your color will not end up fading easily because of the UV exposure. With its trademark ThinFilm technology, the application process is smoother and faster.

​There is the synthetic polymers crosslink that are important to form a long lasting protective top barrier when the wax is applied to the cars. It will easily amplify the reflection so that you get that incredible and deep mirror-like shine from the car paint.


  • It delivers a protective barrier
  • It amplifies the reflection on the color
  • It is safe and effective for the glossy paints


  • The shine does not last for long
  • The manufacturer made the car wax to be among the best you can get for yourself today. Most people who have tried it can agree that it delivers the best shine ever. It is further safe and effective on the different types of glossy paints.


By now, you have an idea of what to use as the best car wax for black cars. From the many options given above, you can see that there is a chance of making your car start to shine once again.

If you are still unsure of what to use, then you can always opt for the Meguiar's G6207 Black Wax Paste. One thing you would not about is that the product is cheap. Other than that, it would last for longer and keep the car looking its best for a long time.

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