The Best Single Din Head Unit You Need To See

Frequently, to control the volume of the speakers, the majority of the people installs the Din head unit for your vehicle. The purpose is to create the balance and the interfacing options. At once, they also contribute to limiting the inputs.

To help you recognize the outstanding features of these head units, we provide the best options, along with the useful information so that you can pick up a right one for your vehicle. Let’s see!!!


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What Is A Single Din Head Unit?​

When saying to a DIN head unit, we know that the majority of the center console of the cars has the DIN head unit, which is utilized to control the volume of the audio system of the car.

There are two main types of the head units – single and double. For the single head units, its one-inch length enables a lot of space in the console to store in comparison with the double ones.

These head units not only determine the sent-to-speaker power but also allow connecting with the smartphones with Android apps in order to listen to music a streaming way.​


The Difference Between Single & Double DIN Head Units

Foremost, we are going to discuss the difference between single and double head units. Once you know the difference of both, the choice will become easier and more accurate.

First of all, we let talk about the single din head unit. Its size (the most are the faceplate) is approximately 7 x 2 inches. Plus, the presence of three slots stacked a vertical is also the characteristic of this head unit type. This is the standard setting, so this stereo system is easy to replace.

If compared to the single type, a double din head unit is bigger. The screen can be larger or the discs are more. Its size can reach 7 x 4 inches. It means that your slot must also be bigger, in case you want to have this stereo. With the modern cars, this is a good option.​

What Should You Consider Before Pick Up a Single Din Head Unit?​

To get the fresh orange, you must know how to grow an orange tree. You also need to know the simple steps if you want to lay flagstone. Similarly, to buy the best single din head unit available on the market, you must be based on some criteria.​

The media really supports, right? Is the average power consistent? How is the expandability? Well, there are the vital factors for those who are an audio enthusiast or simply want to improve the sound system of your vehicle. Let’s see!​

  • The General Features​

The core features of the head unit are the key factor in determining the head units. How does a unit perform well? Does it fit with the interior of the car?

These ones are to depend on the customization options, the amp power output, and the file-supported types. In there, the amp power is vital for those who have planned to upgrade the speakers.​

  • Stereo Features​

The head unit has plenty of effects the playback of the sound as long as their built-in capabilities are properly.

Apart from, the effectiveness of the additional controllers, equalizers, and retrievers plays the important role in upgrading the individual audio quality of their vehicle.​

  • Compatibilities​

The most fundamental input on the head unit likely have – a CD player or an AM/FM radio. A more modern model with the Bluetooth integration enables you to connect the smartphones or others easily. You get hands-free. So good!

  • Controls​

Another key factor is to allow you to access an easy manner when driving. Most of us often have the needs such as adjusting the volume, taking calls, or skipping songs without taking your eyes off the road, so the features of the head unit should be easy to memorize and access.​

Our Single Din Head Unit Available in 2019

After knowing what you need to consider, let’s apply those ones right away. Looking at your list, it considers the features that we provide below. Then, it makes a comparison to choose a right model.

Alpine Single Din Bluetooth Premium LCD Display


If you are looking for the state-of-the-art single din head unit that allows you to utilize with the Bluetooth, DVD player, USB, and a variety of the brand EQ, this single din stereo unit is one of the best models with the dominant performance.

There are the single din head units, which are more expensive than this model, but they do not bring the significant improvements as this Alpine model.

Owning the Alpine Single Din Bluetooth LCD Display brings the 18-W RMS power on four channels. In additional to that, you can hook the preamp output up as well as the mono amp with the woofer in your trunk.

It is noticed that the ability to control the parametric EQ (up to 9 brands) is great, in particular with the suite of treble, bass, fader, and volume controls. I am especially impressive with its SNR ~ 105 dB. It is bordered on the quality of the audiophile grade.

With the Bluetooth technology, you will also be hands-free when taking calls. View from different angles, the Alpine Single Din Bluetooth product is a great option – the high-quality interface, built-in-solid quality, the perfect sound, etc.


  • The HD Radio is clear and crisp
  • The sound is amazing
  • The deck work great
  • Bluetooth does not have plenty of range
  • Easy to use


  • The FM reception is not really good
  • The Pandora interface tends to have a breakdown when connecting some smartphones on the USB hub

Pioneer DEH-150MP Single Din Car Stereo


It can say that Pioneer DEH 150MP is an affordable single din head unit, along with a super cool design. It comes with the dust-resistant design, which brings an attractive look and a suitable one for most cars.

You likely control this head unit, by utilizing a cordless remote in order to play the music you want – the MP3 or CD. Aside from that, there are the FM radios so that you can select.

With the 50-watt output, including four channels, it creates a real feeling when listening to music. If you have the headphone jack in the 3.5mm range, you can easily connect with its input.

What’s more, the LED backlight and the LCD display also contribute to creating the attraction for this product. Thanks to that, the text on the screen can be clearly seen.

Is it safe when using? Let’s have peace of mind! Its design contributes to preventing the electric shock. Its warranty has lasted for one year. It is good, right?


  • The radio is good
  • The sound is clear
  • The screen is bright and crisp
  • The jack is sturdy


  • The bass management seems to be off
  • The manual is difficult to read



This is a single din head unit in the mid-range price. With the stereo designed a stylish way, it is suitable for most colors of the car. Your talking or music streaming is hands-free, thanks to the Bluetooth technology. Correspondingly, it makes sure the safety when driving.

You will be able to see a lot of data when playing the music through the multi-line LCD screen of this model. Furthermore, its design is colorful and not difficult to read whatever you have the experience or not. Plus, more 210,000 color combinations from the MIXTRAX bring a various music.

Its input is compatible with the CD, MP3, and MP4. If you want to connect your tablet, smartphones, or iPhone – no problem. In fact, this single car stereo also supports the Android apps so as to play and control your desired music.

Another interesting feature is to connect your smartphone through the USB that you not only can play music but also charge your device. What a beneficial it is!


  • The perfect sound
  • The unit is solid
  • The USB slot is good
  • It can support WAV, M4A, and MP3


  • It does not support FLAC

Kenwood KDC-BT562U Single Din Bluetooth Car Stereo


This is one of the most well-known brands on the quality car audio system on the market. Arguably, Kenwood KDC-BT562U of this famous brand is the cheapest model, but the quality doesn’t likely defy.

It is really an ideal investment for those who are finding the best single din head unit with multi-features.

This model has also equipped the Bluetooth technology, which enables you to listen to music without the cord and take the calls with hands-free. The smartphone lines equipped the Android apps can connect to this device easily.

Apart from, it still has an input, which allows connecting your tablet or external portable MP3. What about the radio? Well, you can play and control the local radio station you like through the SiriusXM satellite radio tuner.

Too good to be true! Kenwood KDC-BT562U consists of 8 pre-set EQ settings. The power output of the amp may reach up to 22W RMS. It is easy to connect with the outside amplifier, thanks to the RCA preamp outputs including 3 pairs. So ideal!​


  • It is super easy to install
  • The Bluetooth is crystal clear
  • Good price
  • The radio is perfect


  • The microphone does not work
  • It is difficult to find the position of the CD eject button

Pioneer AVHX7700BT 7-Inch


This is a reliable single Din head unit available on the market today. It has owned the 7-inch touch screen, which is designed as long as it fits into a 2" tall single Din dash opening.

In spite of the touch screen, it is very friendly for the users, who are easy to access. Even, you likely adjust the viewing angle as long as you feel comfortable.

Besides, there are 5 display colors and 112 options of the key panel illumination. The Bluetooth helps you take the calls a hands-free way. The Siri-Eyes-Free technology enables you to select the music, compose the messages, or take the calls without leaving the hands from the wheel.

The critical one for this head unit is the price. It is pretty expensive. Nonetheless, I think that this price level is reasonable because of the capacity of dual-zone. It allows you to experience anywhere the area in your car.


  • The sound is excellent
  • It doesn’t worry about the noise of the engine
  • The installation is quick and easy
  • Works well


  • The volume knob is bad


You have found the right model for yourself, haven’t you? You can also distinguish the single and double din head unit, right? After reading our article, it is certain that you know how to choose one.

Yes, our list is the best single din head unit on the market nowadays. With the helpful information, it hopes that you can be based on them to pick up one properly.

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