Best Ways to Paint Rims Black Like An Expert

As the vehicle is more popular now, people start paying attention to its appearance. Even though the latest models of the car might be fascinating in both appearance and content, it is true that not everyone can change the vehicle regularly.


In such circumstance, one of the most common methods to make their vehicle new again is to paint rims (or wheels). With this, we can save a lot of money and actually, it is quite a fun thing to do at home.

You can start on your own, and there is no need to take your vehicle to the garage for this purpose. Painting your rims black will make your car not only new again, but also more outstanding among others.​

However, like other jobs in the world, painting rims black also requires you to know some techniques. In particular, you have to understand how the process goes on and what to prepare.​

This article will show you the best ways to paint rims black like an expert.​

What You'll Need

There are a series of steps when you try to paint rims black. Each step will require some specific items to help you perform better. You should find all of them as soon as you decide to start working.


To remove your wheels more easily, you had better find Jack Stands, Jack, Lug Wrench or Impact.

Before painting, you will need to sand and clean the wheel very carefully. In this step, paper towels and cloth are indispensable items. You might also need sandblaster, wire brush, degreaser and mineral spirits.​

Paper and plastic should be used for masking, while you also need to prepare masking tape and grit sandpaper.​

Next, when everything is ready for painting rims black, of course, you will need paint, primer and clear coat. In this stage, you will need to pay attention to the type of paint you are going to use.

In particular, paint designated specifically for wheels should be your choice because it is more durable, especially if you drive under harsh conditions. For example, tough terrain might damage your wheels.​

Finally, polish, buffer and buffing compounds are what you need to finish the process. For some, this step is optional, but I think that it is essential to make your results last longer.​

How to Paint Rims Black​

​Step 1: Removing Rims

​First, you can loosen lug nuts with the help of an impact or lug wrench. It is considered as the safest method. These tools will put the wheels under pressure and keep them in place.

Then, find jacking points in your car. In this step, you should look up the service manual which will indicate some suggested points. Otherwise, if you do it carelessly, you might cause unnecessary damage.​

Jack stands are needed to keep the car stable. Remember that even when your car is already up, it is not safe. The manual service is again a helpful support for you to place jack stands under the right points.​

As you are certain that your car is well supported, the lug nuts should be removed. In most cases, your hands can do so. But if it is too difficult, an impact or lug wrench will help you.​

When you remove all lug nuts, it is quite easy to take the wheel out. Repeat the same process with all four wheels and place them in the suitable workspace.​

The removal of tires from the wheels is not a piece of cake. It requires some specialized equipment. Thus, you will need help from a professional mechanic. Or check this video for more instruction:​

Step 2: Clean Rims

Use water and soap to eliminate any grime and dirt that exist in the wheels after a long time.​

With grease remover and wax, you can remove things that remain in the wheels after you clean them with water. Also, soapy water might be removed as well.​

A wire brush should be used to eradicate all rust. After that, use sandpaper (300 or 500 grit) to sand your wheels. If you want to check whether everything is good enough, use your hands to feel the smooth surface after sanding.​

Once again, use water to spray your wheels.​

Finally, dry your wheels with cloth or paper towels. Check this video for more instruction:​

Step 3: Masking

The location should be free of dust. Besides, you also need good ventilation which lowers the risk of contaminants.​

​Protective gear is a must-have item for you from this step. It is crucial to stop you from inhaling toxic chemicals.

Use tape to cover areas you do not want to paint.​

The wheels should be covered with paper or plastic wrap, which helps to prevent overspray.​

Get a razor to cut the wrap’s center so that you know the area you are going to paint. Check this video for more instruction:​

Step 4: Painting

Use grease remover and wax to wipe its surface once again.​

You should start to apply the primer on the wheel’s surface first. It is important for rust prevention. Furthermore, it will guarantee the uniform color of your paint later.​

Check your rims one last time. In this step, if you notice any blemishes, you had better sand down and prime again. If you are not attentive, the paint will not be perfect.​

The most important step is to paint the rims. You should repeat applying a coat and paint a few times, but remember to allocate an amount of time between each time. Check this video for more instruction:​

Step 5: Polishing

If there are any dirt spots, you should use mild sandpaper to remove them gently.​

Remove all tape, wrap on your wheels which you use before to cover some areas.​

You can rub the polish to make your results more satisfactory.​


The process will be much easier with these tips.

  • Spray can is a useful tool to help you paint.​
  • Hardly will you notice your expected color immediately after the first coat. Be patient until the process ends and you will be happy about it.
  • Even though it is possible to fulfill this mission in several days, the best ways to paint rims black should be ended in one day. As the conditions in two days are different, it is likely that you will not get what you want to see.

Also, it is important to be aware of the dangerous nature of VOCs. Therefore, you have to avoid inhaling it.

Besides, to protect your family’s health, you had better forbid children, pets and other people to be around the paint area.​


Even though painting rims black is said to be a not-too-difficult task, there is no doubt that in some steps, you cannot do it on your own. Asking somebody who understands the best ways to paint rims black is not a bad idea.

As working with paint will have negative impacts on human health, you should not involve your children in this job. Also, always remember to use protection gear to keep you far away from side effects.

We wish our instructions about the best ways to paint rims black are helpful for you. If you want to share your experience of painting rims, do not hesitate to share with other readers and us.

Please share this article with other people who also want a new look on their vehicle.​


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