Question of the Week: Can You Buy a Car with No License?

Can you buy a car with no license? This question consistently baffles the mind of every driver around the world. Because of their value, cars are transcending from being a mere "want" to a "need." Of course, having a vehicle is a definite advantage, wherever you look at it. Your mobility expands as long as you have wheels that are ready for disposal.


​As a result of this, many people wants to acquire a vehicle even if they don't have licenses yet. If someone can buy, then wouldn't they make the purchase immediately? Or if they make some considerations, will professional driver's license or insurance would be part of them.

Can You Buy a Car Without a Driver's License?

​The vehicle regulations are getting stricter year by year. These policies became so complicated that drivers might not fully understand them. Obtaining a car without a permit is a matter of national policy. The answer to this question can't be universal, as there are different vehicle laws for each country.

In the United States, getting a car without a driver's license is not a problem. The Department of Motor Vehicles can shrug off if they see anyone buying a car that doesn't possess a license. Instead, their main concern is the person itself.​


Specifically, you can buy a car without a license. That's your legal right. However, you may never be able to insure or register your purchased vehicle under your name. This is the biggest catch that you have to weigh in before you cash in that dream car of yours.​

Usually, the processes of registering and insuring the car are done simultaneously at the dealership. When a purchaser wants to register and insure the vehicle even without a license, it could only mean one thing: he/ she wants to drive. If that is your intention, then you have a problem with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Such is a tacit move to break the law.​

As we mentioned, this is not a global policy. However, many countries around the world have this same kind of stance. No unlicensed driver can register a vehicle, but he/ she can always buy one.​

There is no written rule that driver's licenses are needed during the purchase of a vehicle. Anyone that has the purchasing capacity can get this done. But before they can drive it legally, they have to obtain professional driving licenses first.​

Why Buy a Car Even if You Don't Have a License?​

​Most of the time, people wants to acquire a vehicle for personal usage. However, this is not the only reason why people buy a car. Of course, most of these intents are valid. For example, someone (without a driver's license) wants to purchase a car as a form of a gift to someone.

If this is the reason, then he/ she can buy the vehicle legally and just put the rest of the details under his/ her recipient's name.​


Many banks would get curious as well as to why people who can't legally drive wants to buy a car. But at the end of the day, they will just ignore this detail. They are more keen on the credit history rather than the person itself. After all, money makes the world (and the wheels) go spinning.​



The same thought process goes with insurance companies. Some firms would insure a vehicle even the purchaser has no license. Of course, they will not allow you to put your details in their form because that would be a jeopardy on their part. The best they can offer is to have your recipient's detail as a replacement.​

If you are giving the car to someone else, the recipient will become the insured driver. In short, you are making the other person as the rightful owner of the vehicle, not you.​

This thought is not perplexing as it sounds considering that you don't have intentions of driving the car. But if other things are running in your mind, you must obtain a driver's license immediately. This will save you from a lot of haggling and troubles.​


As long as the buyer will not drive, he/ she has the legal rights to buy any vehicles. Of course, there are still underlying details behind this query. You may want to contact an insurance agent or your bank for additional details. If these options are not available, then just drop by to local transport agency. Otherwise, some loopholes might hit you during the process.​

Lastly, always consider your budget. Before any intricacies, make sure that your money is sufficient enough to get that wheels. You don't want to bankrupt yourself just because of this necessity. You can always plan. Always plan ahead.​

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message and we’ll get back to you the soonest.​


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