Learn How A Car Heater Blowing Cold Air Can Be Repaired

During the cold weather, not many people would want to end up dealing the issues of cold weather all the time. It can be unfortunate if the car heater does not end up producing the best heat, as you want. Some people have complained about the car heater blowing cold air when it is supposed to produce heat.


A couple of things could be wrong, it is crucial that you find what out the problem and take the steps to repair it. Below, I get to check out a few common issues that might be wrong with the car heater leading to blowing cold air.

Does The Car Have Enough Water?​

The heater of your car uses the heat from the engine coolant going around the engine. It is from this heat that you can get to experience the warm air blowing into the car.

During the cold season, there are chances that you might end up having issues such as the coolant freezing. It would be great to have an antifreeze in the coolant.​

If the coolant is not circulating properly, then chances are that you would end up with such issues that the coolant does not get to the heater.

Another thing you have to check is the level of your coolant. If the coolant is below the minimum value, you have to top up. Topping up is as good as adding water to the radiator and water reservoir.

Check The Thermostat​

The thermostat is another important part of the car that could affect the working of the car heater.

The thermostat would normally decide when to let the water to start circulating around the car engine. The thermostat would be off when the car starts, it will then turn on depending on the engine temperature.

If the thermostat becomes faulty, chances are that you would not get hot water going to the car heater. It is the reason you would end up having a car heater blowing cold air. If you had topped up the water and the problem is persistent, it is time to check the thermostat just to be sure.​

To test if the thermostat is working, check to see if the car temperature dial will rise even after the car is all heated up after like 10 minutes. If the temperature is up and the dial still indicates cold, then chances are that the thermostat is dead.

Check If The System Is Blocked​

An air lock or dirt could always lead to issues with receiving cold air when you are supposed to feel some warmth. It would be great if you check that there is nothing blocking the warm air from reaching the car interior.​

It is possible to have an air lock in the cooling system most of the time. To repair such an issue, consider bleeding the system. You simply have to open the bleed screw when the car fan is running.

When there is a hissing sound, it means that the air is being let out of the system. Once the hissing stops, it means that your cooling system is fully bled and good to go.

Video Tutorial - How to bleed the cooling system of your car:

​The Heater Controls Should Be Working

Sometimes you might be thinking that it is something big that might be wrong with the cooling system, when in real sense it is just the controls.

Check to see if your controls are working correctly. It is often to find that may be your controls are stuck or broken and you waste a lot of time trying to check the thermostat.

The fix for controls should not be hard, as in the video below, you simply have to get the right replacement part.

Deal With The Water Leaks​

The issue of water leak could be a major issue that could easily lead to your car heater blowing cold air. At this point, it is not just about getting hot air from the heater. Missing enough water in your engine can be trouble.

The water leaks often lead to the loss of a water, which is important for cooling the engine and heating your car whenever needed.

In case you get to identify a water leak, it is crucial that you get to work on the leak as soon as possible. Some of the common water leak culprits could include faulty water pump, leaky radiator, or split hose. The replacements are not often expensive, so repair them before the damage could get worse.​

Quick Fixes


You never have to worry so much again about the car heater blowing cold air as you know what to look for in terms of making the repairs. Once you have made the repairs, it should be easy to start feeling more warmth in your car due to the hot air now.

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