Car Turns Off While Driving: How to Make It Move in Surprisingly Easy Ways?

What should you do when your car turns off while driving? You can choose not to do anything but just call the rescue team, and wait for them. However, if you are in the middle of nowhere, that solution seems very unreasonable.


Make your car engine start again is not very hard as some people might think. Even you are a woman; you still can deal with it. Of course, you have always to have some tools. I will tell you which ones to buy.​

Why Does My Car Turn Off While Driving?

The first thing to do, try to find out some reasons to your car problem. It is important to understand since once you know the causes, you go half way to find the answer.

Start and Stop Technology​


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Probably your car has the Stop-Start or Start-Stop technology, which means the car engine is automatically shut down and restarted to reduce the engine idles time. This technology helps to save fuel consumption.​

This technology is usually applied in new models of some car brands, for example Ford Fusion, Ford F-150, Chevy Malibu, Chevy Impala, Kia Rio, and Volkswagen.

Cracked and Worn Vacuum Hoses​

The vacuum hoses are known to have the function of maintaining the temperature and pressure around the engine. After long using time, these hoses get cracked and worn which cause the car instant stop.​

Fuel pressure is the part your computer system gets trouble to tell you its real condition. That means you may not be able to check this problem with your code reader. Keep reading to find how to check the fuel pressure.

Bad Fuel Pressure​


Code reader (via Foter.com)

Apparently, there are many other possibilities like clogged fuel intake system, broken electrical system, or faulty wiring.​

How To Make It Move in Surprisingly Easy Ways​

After diagnosing the signs, and finding out the real cause, now you should be more confident to fix your car even you are not a professional mechanic.​

If The Problem Is Stop-Start Technology

Then, it is super easy to deal with. You just need to lift off the brake or select the first gear by putting it in the clutch to make it run again.

If The Trouble From Vacuum Hoses

The common signs of a bad or leaking vacuum hoses:

It is much better for you to notice above symptoms and have your vacuum hoses fixed before it causes major troubles. They are indeed not expensive. You can contact a local ASE certified mechanic to have it replaced or just simply buy new one.

Once the failing vacuum hoses cause your car to shut off, try to restart it again, but if it still cannot ignite, you have to use the last resort as call the mechanic.​

If The Reason Is Your Fuel Pump​

Firstly, check the fuel pressure by using Fuel Injection Pressure Tester Kit, which available on Amazon priced about 60 – 100$. This kit has many different fitting that fit on each car.

To learn how to test the fuel pressure, check out the below video:​

After connecting the pressure gauge to the fuel pump test fitting, slightly warm up the engine. If the needle goes below the specifications listed in the repair manual, your car will die at higher speed, but it will start back up again. If you have a brand new fuel pump with you, it is recommended to replace it right away.

Final Thought​

Owning a car does not mean just need to how to write it, but also know how to make it move when the car turns off while driving. You are not allowed to be dummies about the car unless you want to be stuck in a remote place for long.

Hope this guide will help you equip yourself with simple ways to make your car move. If you have this car trouble, and even look for above advice, but do not succeed, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.

Drive safe and have your car inspected frequently!​


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