How Long Does It Take to Learn to Drive a Car?

Learning how to drive is both fulfilling and empowering. It enhances your personal skills and abilities. Driving is a practical skill that can be learned through persistence, patience, and lots of patience.


How often do you plan on driving? Is it every day or mostly during weekends? How long does it take to learn how to drive?

These are just some of the questions you need to answer for yourself before you actually start enrolling in a driving class. It is important to be clear and know your purpose so that you can set and manage your expectations properly.

Getting Started

Learning how to drive also means learning how to act responsibly. You should follow the rules and regulations without any hesitation. Always drive with extra caution and care to avoid getting into accidents.​

Remember, each city or state have their own set of rules and limitations including driving and road safety. The same set of rules applies when it comes to getting a driver’s license. It usually requires a combination of both classroom study and practical driving.​

However, there are some online driving courses that allow you to take classes at your own pace and schedule.​

Why Should you Take a Driving Education?​

Here are some of the reasons why you should enroll in a driving school.​

  • You’ll learn all the rules and regulations of driving.
  • You are taught by a professional and a certified instructor. This means you have a better chance at passing your driving exam.
  • You can get tips and advice directly from an expert.
  • The instructor will teach you driving techniques to make you a defensive driver.
  • Some schools may help and assist you in acquiring a car insurance or other requirements you may need.

Casual vs. Formal Education

​There are various ways of learning how to drive. Some people are more comfortable with someone they know and trust, therefore, they seek help from their friends or relatives. Asking a friend to teach you how to drive may save you more money but investing in a formal driving school is highly recommended.


There are a number of benefits that you can get from a driving school that you may not learn from a friend. For instance, in school, you are given a course outline that you are obligated to follow and study. Though you may possibly learn these subjects by researching online, a formal education will teach you the basics and generally, everything you need to know.

In this case, most people actually prefer to learn the proper way, which is by enrolling in a driving school.​

Online Driving Education​

There are some online courses you can take to speed up your learning process. If you don’t like sitting in class, then this may be a good option for you. Online courses also teach you basic lessons and traffic rules that you can access any time of the day.​


These lessons are interactive and can be automatically saved in the system so you can log in and study at your own free time. It’s a convenient way to learn without sacrificing your time.

An online driving course is another option to learn the basics of driving either for the first time or if you just want to brush up your skills.​ Just make sure that the course is approved and accredited.​

Through online study, you can acquire your driver’s license, understand road rules and learn to become a safe and responsible driver. You can even get a discount on your car insurance.​

You will also receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the entire course. You will be provided with practice permit tests, case studies, video tutorials, 3D animations, and other interactive lessons. A customer support is also available anytime you need further assistance.​

The good thing about this course is you can study anytime as you please. Whether it’s 3 am or 10 pm, you can access your lessons at any particular time that is convenient for you. You can log on anywhere as long as you have an internet access.​ You can even browse through your tablet or smartphone. It’s very accessible and convenient.​

How Long do You Need to Study?​

​Most driving lessons are conducted weekly. This is to accommodate your schedule especially if you are a regular employee. Assuming that you are studying weekly, you are usually required to attend two one and a half hour session per week.

If you strictly follow this schedule, then you will most likely finish in more or less two to three months. On the other hand, if you decide to cut it down to once a week, then it may take you up to four to six months. Technically, it’s up to you and how you plan to stick to your schedule that will determine the number of hours you need to finish.​

Full-Time Intensive Course​

A full-time course requires around 30 to 40 hours in a span of one week. A practical driving test is usually set by the end of the week. However, this is not suitable for regular employees because it requires you to attend and file a leave for an entire week.

Now, if you want to learn and pass the driving test as fast as possible, then you may want to consider this. However, you need to properly assess yourself first if you can handle the stress and pressure of this kind of schedule. There’s a huge chance that you may feel too tired and therefore, may not be able to retain and absorb too much information in a day, let alone, an entire week.

This may impair your chances of doing well in your driving exam. So, do not force yourself to choose this path. Just follow what you feel is most comfortable for you.

Theoretical Test

Aside from the practical driving, you are also required to pass a theoretical exam. Basically, this type of exam will test how you apply everything you’ve learned into a driving situation.

It usually consists of two parts: a hazard perception and driving rules. In a hazard perception exam, you will be tested on your ability to spot and react to different hazardous conditions while you are driving.

The other part of the exam consists of a multiple choice covering what you’ve learned on safety measures, traffic signs, road rules, and other driving conditions. There are a number of practice exams available online.

What to Expect

When it’s your first time getting behind the wheel, it is normal to feel anxious and nervous. Don’t feel intimidated by the instructor sitting next to you because they are there to teach and guide you. Just take things slow and don’t rush because it may only cause an accident.

Driving takes a lot of practice. This will help build your confidence gradually. Don’t expect to know everything in an instant.

Driving Responsibly

Whether or not you are learning how to drive under a limited timeframe, you should be patient and never pressure yourself to learn everything in a short span of time. Each of us has our own way and pace when it comes to our learning process.

The most important factor is for you to know and understand the responsibility that comes with driving. Remember, you are now in charge of the safety of not only yourself but your passengers as well. So, practice, practice, and practice.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message and we’ll get back to you the soonest.


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