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Nowadays, more and more people encounter the uncomfortable situation with the piston slap. As a matter of fact, there are many websites and forums do a relatively good task assessing such situation. Even though their research and opinions are valid in some aspects, you might not find the logical and useful way to deal with it.


By reading this article, you may know the right way on how to fix piston slap. Then, you will have little things to worry or think about.

What is The Piston Slap?

What is The Piston Slap?

As you may know, we should clear on the key thing here. Piston slap cannot be a serious issue for all automobile owners, just a kind of terrible annoyance. It is much like a TTAC column with the similar name.

Piston slap can be an unfortunate and mistaken by-product from a manufacturer, which picked the incorrect piston rings to match with a particular motor.

Is It Easy to Fix Piston Slap?

In fact, we are not talking about replacing its short block; the primary topic should be what the fix is? I would assume new rings and pistons. Just try your best to brainstorm whatever you are in right now.

​As you can regularly face this in the cold weather, you will not realize how long piston slap can go right before it may get worse. So, if you know how to fix piston slap in time, it can be easy. Otherwise, things will be more complicated.


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Should We Sell or Fix Our Car?

Are you considering selling your car because this issue is so annoying? And is it the only way to get rid of it? Unfortunately, not. It may suck on the resale, especially when you sell your car on your own. In that case, you may easily transfer it to an unsympathetic purchasing public on the craigslist.

​Therefore, you should keep up well with your maintenance. By this way, you may figure tearing your engine down to deal with this issue is not worth it. Do not thrash it as it may be predicted to last for additional 50,000 to 100,000 miles. You may be happy if that is what you truly want.

How to Fix Piston Slap The Right Way

In some old days, all of us may know a popular practice which was getting a piston knurled. That process indeed raised and created hundreds of tiny pyramids right on the piston’s cylindrical surface. If you want to try this method, many auto shops will sell the knurling tool and lathe for your choice.

Otherwise, it was common to try to "re-fit" pistons, only by driving this device back in one cylinder with the stick and hammer. With that several miles, it might be a bit folly to start doing any internal work provided by the engine. You indeed need a re-boost or the replaced job. If not, the rings cannot seat right.​

Step-by-Step Instruction To Let You Fix Piston Slap Correctly and Quickly

Here are the suggested steps you should not miss out.

Step 1: Check the Status of Your Piston​

As a matter of fact, piston slap is not truly destructive at all. Sure, it is somewhat noisy, but this issue does not cause much wear. So, you should check and determine whether your piston is still in a good status.​

Step 2: Determine the Cause of Piston Slap

There are many common reasons for this problem. As you may know, I can be caused by its skirts hitting its corresponding cylinder walls which was happened by its connecting rod may pivot. Then, the wrist pin placement related to its ring lands can be the largest contributor to such matter.​

​If the above reason is similar to your case, just follow the next step. Otherwise, you may need to diagnose more to identify the real issue then, solve it entirely.

Step 3: Wait Until the Engine Begins to Burn the Oil

Now, take your time to wait until the engine loses the compression. The dedicated fix for the piston slap is usually a new and re-bore piston anyway. Therefore, no point is specified in paying particularly for that thing before it is due. As a matter of fact, Engines may run thousands or hundreds of miles when it occurred.​

Step 4: Replace the Piston with Two Passenger Sides

Apparently, the piston slap fix task works well with the replacement of the two-passenger-side pistons with the oversized one. Also, you should ensure to replace its rings on all of the pistons on the drivers’ side. It is recommended by several Scooby specialists who worked in this field more than 10 years.​


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Step 5: Re-ring One Side of the Piston

Interestingly, you would not consider having one side of the piston re-ringed. Do you realize that your engine does not consume oil in a bit weird way? Such specified technique is only applied for some RH pistons. They may be serviced well, but I find wondering why not its LH side.

This way is working apparently and perfectly, requiring the corresponding service.​

Step 6: Check the Status of the Piston Again

In this step, we should find out the answer for the concern if the piston stays fixed. You should ask yourself a question, like "does the slap noise come back within a short period, in a week, month or year?" You may not vouch for the longevity since you did not have this process done.

Since your engine is torn down no matter what your situation is, going a bit further to remove such slap would not be a big deal. If the piston slap fix is just temporary, it would be your time waste. However, your work result depends much on how excellent your job was done as well.​

Special Notes

There are some necessary things to consider here. You may want to use the oil from other different brands, some products with the thinner viscosity. It had better go at the low temperature which let its related wrist pins have a sufficient amount of oil right before it can warm up.

By this way, you may help to break in its rings and abraded bores finely. As you pay no extra cost when doing it by yourself, all you have to buy is any alternative auto parts.​

Can Fixing Resolve This Issue Entirely?

It was considered not a bad modification for all unsophisticated engines which you have been using for such a long time. Frankly, the knurling can carry more oil on its cylinder. If you do the right thing, its oil ring will push down, leaving the fine film in order to lube all little flats located on its pyramids.

Many people may wonder the exact amount this element would run, guessing it may vary according to the oil shop. It is what I am receiving no special feedback on whether this issue can be fixed or not.​

Final Thoughts

In short, many people face this issue, and I also get lots of this issue. We hope that you will be on an entirely different track of how to fix piston slap after reading this article. Obviously, you should know this way works well and you should try it if you are in urgent need.

Please feel free to drop us a comment for any questions or suggestions you have.​​

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