How to Remove Super Glue From Car Paint Like a Pro

Whether it is a fresh paint or older paint, having super glue on it would not look good at all. It is the worst thing that could happen to your car paint job. It is the reason you need to find ways to remove the superglue with ease.

Removing the super glue from the car paint is going to take more effort as compared to removing any other type of glue. The glue tends to bond to the paint almost immediately, so wiping it will not be an option. We get to look at some of the top methods on how to remove super glue from car paint.​


What You Need​

  • Acetone
  • Car polish
  • Hand cream
  • Soft rags
  • Sandpaper
  • Clear coat protectant
  • Dish soap

​Step-by-Step Guide To Remove Super Glue From Car Paint

1. Soak The Stain Of Glue

By using a wet rag soaked in warm water, soak the glue stain on the car paint. You need to soak it for a while making sure that it is enough to loosen the glue. It is not going to happen right away, but in addition to other processes, it will eventually come off.

Still, apply a mixture of dish soap and hand cream on the spot. This is a way of removing the glue stain without really taking off the paint too. Do it well, and you might just succeed without causing damage the paint.

2. Apply The Acetone-based Substance Remover

Super glue comes with the components that make it end up with such a strong bond. You will need an acetone-based substance remover or any other super glue remover to get rid of the stain.

​Lightly apply the acetone to the glue stain to help in dissolving it. Use a soft cloth when applying the acetone to the spot until the glue dissolves. Make sure to wipe the acetone faster so that it does not start soaking in the paint.

​Wipe it clean enough to remove the glue and some wax. When the glue comes off the car paint, it will also peel off the wax layer, so you might have to wax it the area later on.

3. Repaint The Affected Area

Sometimes things might not go as per the plan, so you might have to repaint the affected area. If it were a large stain of super glue, you would end up seeing that the patch is visible from far. The repainting process is simple and should be done in no time.

​You might have to sand away some of the immediate surrounding paint so that the rest can seamlessly integrate with the new paint. Make sure you know the exact type of paint on the car so that the patch is still not visible due to the wrong paint.

​Apply three primer coats to the area and the additional two coats of the car paint. You need to also add a coat of the clear coat protectant on the car paint.

Below is a quick video of the process​:

4. Apply Wax On The Car


With the new paint done, wait until it is dry and then proceed to wash the entire car. Once the car is dry, apply a new coat of car wax. Concentrate more on the newly touched-up location on the car. Clean the wax out and you will end up having a nice look of the car.


I hope you liked the tutorial on how to remove super glue from car paint. The method discussed above is quite easy, and you could do it on your own at home. No need to spend a lot of money to have it removed by professionals. You have to be careful when handling superglue next time so that it does not end up on the car paint.​


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