Why does My Car Battery Keep Dying? Find Out Now!

What if one morning you wake up late because you forgot to set the alarm button? Then you scramble out of bed, rush to get ready and skip your breakfast because you’re running late for your big presentation. Worse, you find out that your car won’t even start and you ask yourself, why does my car battery keep dying?


Reasons Why Your Battery Is Dead​

If this is not the first time you’ve experienced this, then you need to get to the bottom of it. There may be different reasons why your battery keeps on failing and it’s high time you do something about it. Otherwise, if you keep on ignoring it then the problem will just keep on recurring.

You can also check this video on how to figure out why your battery isn’t working.

Here are some of the possible reasons to answer your question:

Your Battery May Be Old​

If your battery is approximately around five years old, it may already be worn out. Most likely, you’ll need to find a new replacement.

Faulty Connection


Your battery has two posts, a negatively charged post, and a positively charged post. These posts are joined together by cable wires from your battery to your starter. There may be instances where the bolts that connect these posts become loose.

Therefore, the connection breaks down which means there is no power running through the cables. If this happens, you won’t be able to start your car. Bad cables and connections can also lead to short circuit. 

​Left Unused

If you left your car just sitting in your garage for at least two weeks without occasionally starting the car, your battery may just have lost its power. If left idle, your battery’s power will gradually drain and it won’t have enough energy and voltage to start your car.​

Alternator Issues​


If your alternator is having problems then it may not be able to properly charge your battery. Your alternator powers the electrical systems in your car.

However, if you’ve successfully started your car then there is a big possibility that your battery will die on you at some point while you’re driving. Getting stranded is pretty much worse than not being able to start your car to begin with.

Technically, this happens because your battery is unable to generate enough electricity needed to power your vehicle.



The negatively and positively charged posts can also be corroded. In effect, it can also cause a bad connection which will not allow your battery to start.​

Once the posts become corroded, the connection will become weak which disrupts the power transmission from the battery to the starter. Corrosion may be caused by electrolysis from different metals in the cables and terminals. 

Another culprit is the build-up of sulfuric acid which is toxic to our health.

​Short Drives

Another cause of a dead battery is when you constantly start and stop your car in a short span of time before your alternator has enough time to warm up and recharge. This is why your battery doesn’t last very long.

​Extreme Temperature

If the weather is above a hundred degrees or below ten degrees Fahrenheit, then it can pose as a threat to your battery. These temperatures can also cause the build-up of sulfate and may significantly affect the lifespan of your battery.​

What You Need To Do​

Prevention is always the best medicine. However, once you’ve diagnosed the root of the problem, here are some steps you need to follow in order to bring life to your lifeless battery:

Invest an a Good Battery​

Don’t skimp on the good ones just so you can save a few bucks. A battery that is tested to perform can save you more money from less maintenance repairs in the long run. Change your battery after a few years.​

We recommend the Optima 25 RedTop due to its high power cranking ability. This battery can withstand extreme weather conditions and can perform under heavy-duty use.

Check Your Ports​

Make sure the positively and negatively charged posts are clean and free from corrosion. You can check this regularly to prevent and address any problems ahead.

Start Your Car Often

Get in your car and drive it once in a while. Your car needs to exercise its battery in order to function properly.

Inspect Your Alternator

You might find your battery working but your alternator may not.


If you are encountering any problems with your battery, you may also have it checked by a professional technician so that he can properly diagnose your issue. Don’t ignore the problem and have it checked immediately to avoid further complications. Otherwise, you might find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere at the worst possible time.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send me your inquiries and feedback. I'll be glad to answer you.


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